A New(ish) Newsletter

A New Newsletter to (Maybe) Sign Up For!

Hello again Dearest Reader,

You may have noticed the new tab underneath the title of the newsletter that says “Hersenskimme en skadubeelde”.

Well, well. I’m thrilled that you can now have more than one newsletter on one Substack page, as that means that I don’t need two separate pages - one for English and one for Afrikaans (which I’ve been doing thus far and which have been an pain). Also, you sign up for the newsletters separately so, don’t worry, everyone won’t suddenly receive newsletters they can’t make head or tails of!

Or have to put through Google Translate. *Shudders*

The Afrikaans one will be for my Afrikaans fiction and sketches - which I’ll be translating somewhere along the line when I get a chance (she said, laughing hysterically) - so, basically it’ll be like the English one. I’m very creative like that.

The name “Hersenskimme en skadubeelde” means “Illusions and Shadows”, but can be literally translated as “brain phantasms/ghosts and shadow images”. Which is a lot more interesting IMHO. Aaaaand now I want to change the English one’s name as well. Oops.

Anyway, I’ll be moving the posts from the other newsletter to this one in-between work, so, if you’re able to understand Afrikaans, why not head over there and check it out!