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Welcome to The Worlds of Carin Marais, intrepid Web traveller!

While I’m a copy and content writer and translator by day, my free time (okay, basically all my other time) is spent writing fantasy, other genre fiction, and creative non-fiction.

I’m currently busy with an epic fantasy series, The Ruon Chronicles, which you can read more about below, as well as a flash fiction collection, Where the Stars Used to Sing.

What will I be able to read in the newsletter?

First of all, you’ll be able to read many of the stories as they unfold — this means early drafts, background, and even maps drawn by yours truly.

I will also share inspiration behind the stories I write, give you exclusive stories that won’t appear on my blog, and basically give you the scoop on all my fiction and creative non-fiction writing.

What kind of fantasy do you write?

My fantasy — though often bittersweet — can be described as Noble Bright, as opposed to Grim Dark. (Think more Lord of the Rings and less Game of Thrones.)

While there is some violence involved, it’s not gratuitous and definitely not described in all its gory detail. Magic is involved in many of the short stories and definitely in the epic fantasy. But, again, I do have a line between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”. It’s a bit of a squiggly line sometimes, but a line nonetheless.

I like to have a battle between good an evil, basically, what can I say?

What you can expect in The Ruon Chronicles…

During the Achtarion War between the Airus and Khaldun, the Knowledge Stone was found by the Airus Ira-laleth. Keeping the stone, which was imprinted with the very words of creation, secret from the Khaldun, Ira-laleth found that she had received the gift to add and imprint other knowledge on the stone as well.

Safely sequestered for three thousand years, the Keepers of the Stone was at last attacked in their shrine — but not before the stone was broken into many pieces to be taken to safety. Given to Airus who fled into the wilderness in order to keep the stone’s knowledge secret, the Khaldun set out after them, slaying many and taking the slivers of stone for themselves. It was also at this time that Ira-laleth and her entire family was slaughtered by the Khaldun.

The remaining Airus heeded a call in their dreams to flee to the Midlands and the Sanctuaries there and, so, most of the Knowledge Stone pieces were saved when the First Sundering tore through the lands of the Airus and Khaldun, and much of the land sank beneath the waves. After the Sundering, many of the Airus went into hiding throughout Airtha-Eyrassa, fearing that they would still be hunted by the Khaldun. Yet none forsook their oath to keep the stones safe.

The Age of Blood and Sorrow dawned on the lands of Airtha-Eyrassa, only ending with the Second Sundering.


Many years pass while the Knowledge Stones become a part of Airtha-Eyrassa’s legends and folklore. With the pieces of knowledge stone now scattered throughout the lands, the long search of the lost Stones by the Seekers of Knowledge begins.

When two Seekers find a Stone that contains knowledge about the Khaldun and how they could once and for all be defeated, a fire is kindled in Airtha-Eyrassa. What was only legends suddenly become truth and plunges Airtha-Eyrassa’s lands into war.

The Ruon Wars covered the Midlands, the enemy led by the Vidolf Elame; a Ruon turned against her own kind to follow the Khaldun. Finally Elame and her captains are captured and locked inside a pillared prison on an island to spend the rest of their days.

But when the pillars of Elame’s prison fall and those inside are set free, Selena Tellah and others of the Ruon must find a way to stop the dark forces once again amassing against them.

Time is running out and across the Midlands and rumours spread of the Airus returning to remake the Stone. The rumours also talk of the ghosts of Sjahra that will return and set in motion the events of the Third Sundering.

Enter Airtha-Eyrassa, the world of The Ruon Chronicles

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