Flash Fiction: A Garden of Universes

As well as some writing updates

Hello again Fellow Adventurer,

I hope you’re keeping well!

This week has been a good week for “mind-plotting” stories, but not very conducive to writing much of it down apart from a few notes I don’t think others will be able to make head or tails of!

First, though, I’m sharing a short piece that does make sense! It was inspired by a conversation with a friend of some of the flowers in my sister’s garden…

Flash Fiction: A Garden of Universes

The creator walked from flower to flower, watching the new universes bloom into being as the buds opened to reveal the galaxies contained within. Stems split and grew and blossomed into multiverses.

Butterflies and bees flitted between the flowers, sending galaxies spinning and stirring clouds of stardust into fantastical shapes that trailed, glittering, behind them as they flew.

Seeds fell, sprouted, and quickly matured into trees that cast shade over the multiverse of flowers far below where planets spun and stars shone to give new life.

On one of the planets, an artist watched the night sky slowly passing by, dreaming of the swirling patterns of blue that traced between worlds known and still unknown. And painted it.

In Ruon Chronicles News

I’ve been working on figuring out some of the Ruon’s charms and Nith – designing some of the charms that I’m going to embroider to see how it works in real life, so to speak. (At the moment I’ve just worked on the embroidered ones.) So I’ll show those once they’re done.

In Other Writing News (Sort Of)

In other writing news, I also got a very nice article to write for work, which should be done by the end of October. I can’t wait to share it! Even though I can’t say too much about it at the moment, except that I can let my full nerd out into the world, haha.

It’s definitely not one of my “normal” work-related articles, but more creative non-fiction, yay!

Next week, I’ll be doing a dive into Ailala’s Daughters, the “Water Women” of The Ruon Chronicles, and will – hopefully – have at least one new, finished charm to show you.

Until then, stay safe!