Starry Nights, Books, Dyeing, and Reading

A Writing Wednesday newsletter.

(Did I basically forget it was Wednesday? Yes, I did. Apparently my brain has now completely stopped registering what day of the week it is.)

Last Sunday’s story, “The House with the Blue Roof” took some of its inspiration from Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in the swirls of the stars being painted by someone (plus, I just really love the painting!), but why the thatch of the house is blue, I have no idea. That just slipped in.

The artwork that is inspiring the whole collection of star and moon stories in Where the Stars Used to Sing, does have a very specific palette and mostly an overall appearance that are similar to each other even though the artists are varied. You can see all the artwork on this Pinterest board.

I am rereading the different entries on the moon, stars, sun, and basically the heavenly bodies, in the symbol/symbolism and mythology and folklore books I have at home. These books definitely hold a whole lot of story fodder as you may imagine!

Other interesting bits and pieces that I’ve been reading during the past week that I think you’d also find interesting, are:

I have also found this beautiful scarf while looking for a leaf pattern and it’s calling me to make it – “Brook’s Column of Leaves” knitted scarf pattern by Brooke Nelson. I may already have decided which yarn from The Craft Stash I’m going to use...

I’ll be sending you another Where the Stars Used to Sing story on Sunday, and will embark on a look at The Ruon Chronicles and its history and magic system next Wednesday.

Until Sunday, stay safe!