Sunday Fiction – The Last Earth-Flower

A sci-fi story for your Sunday, plus a catch-up on Where the Stars Used to Sing


I hope you’ve been keeping well during the past week. On my side the week just flew by and before I knew it, it was already Friday!

“The Last Earth-Flower” was originally written for Flash! Friday. The prompt was: a photo of people in the subway, adding a plant, an

The Last Earth-Flower

The third-class compartment was boiling. With hands clammy from sanitiser, I took out Grammy’s recipe book.

Eyes glanced at me, glanced away. We weren’t supposed to use old technology. I probably should’ve have burned the book when I found it in the hospice drawer.

Lifting the book to my nose, I inhaled. Old paper and kitchen spices mixed with the sanitiser’s alcohol remnants.

A sprig of dried lavender was stuck between two pages when I opened the book.

I blinked away burning tears.

She’d brought two things here from Earth after all.


In other writing news - Where the Stars Used to Sing

I’m still busy with the stories for Where the Stars Used to Sing, and am still planning to release it in December 2020. Right now I’m writing some of the longer stories that will appear in the collection - that is to say, not flash fiction.

Then, about a week ago, I got a brainwave. I’d been wondering how to make the collection more like the idea that was growing in my mind. You see, I didn’t only want story upon story, but I also wanted images that would appear between some of the stories.

Enter from stage left a bunch of writers-artists-people-creators from a group who love to share interesting stuff we find on the internet.

Well, some synapses fired and thinking happened and I decided to draw my own sketches that would appear in the collection. Basically because I realised that I want to get back into art (I haven’t really drawn/painted since high school, mostly spending time on other crafts and writing).

Although this will just be for the inside sketches - I’m not planning on doing the artwork for the cover. But you never know…

The sketches I’m planning will be mostly done in pencil, ink, and here and there an accent colour. I’ll show the sketches here as they come along as I have shared the stories. :)

Where the Stars Used to Sing will still be released on NoiseTrade Books first, but I’ll have a specific date in December closer to the time as I don’t want to rush through the formatting, etc. I think this year has had enough ups and downs not to have to stress too much whether the book will be released on 13 or 15 December!

I also have other publishing plans for the collection, but I’m still ironing those out. I’ll definitely let you know when I know!

I’d like to wish you well for the week and wish you a Happy Hobbit Day for Tuesday!

Until next time (when there will hopefully also be a sketch!), stay safe!

With love,