Sunday Fiction: The River Bride

What happens when you want to take the river queen as your wife?

Hi again!

I must apologise for the long hiatus – wow, when people say that Covid-19’s fatigue lasts quite a while, they’re really not kidding.

I had thought that I would be back to normal within a few days of my sinuses and stuff clearing up, but no. I finally now feel like myself again even though I still have some fatigue left. At least I can taste and smell almost normally again! Yay!

But enough of that! Here’s today’s story!

Originally written for Flash Friday’s competition, it was cut back to less than 160 words from the original. Below, however, is the original one that is longer and contains more detail.

The Water Bride

“You need to do what is best for our people.” My mother pulled me aside to where the noise of the celebration didn’t hurt my ears as much.  

In the centre of the square, the wedding guests were dancing to the frenzied drums, the exuberant groom in the centre. The gold cloth he wore glistened in the sunlight.

“Does he really think his gold can buy my daughter and her kingdom?” A wry laugh from my mother.

“I’ll never serve him,” The water was already calling me back to its embrace. This dry kingdom was no place for the river’s queen.

“Indeed.” My mother slipped a small glass vial of dragon thorn poison into the folds of golden fabric at my belt before kissing me. “A blessing upon this night.”

I clenched one hand and called the clouds to me. “He wants to take me from the river? Ha! I’ll bring the river to him.” With my other hand, I called water from underground.

High in the mountains the water poured forth from fountains and clouds.

“I will call my kingdom to him and his name will be cursed forever.”


What I’ve been up to during the past few weeks

The outline of The Ruon Chronicles is going very well, and I’ll give a proper update of that on Writing Wednesday. I’ve also written again for the Flash Friday competition.
But that’s not to say I’ve been idle with the Where the Stars Used to Sing stories! I’m busy with two that are a bit longer than usual. One of which changed completely halfway through the story and that needs quite a lot of work. I hope, however, to have both ready for you to read next week Sunday!

Until next time, stay safe!