The Knitted Ruon Charm is Almost Aliiiiive

Or, The Pattern Seems To Be Working

Hello again Dear Reader,

Today I’m jumping right in — look!

Well the good news is that the pattern is working so far — and all the holes in the piece are supposed to be there, haha.

I’m hoping to have it done by Friday, unless the week throws a curve ball at me. Which it better not do as I’m excited to see how the charm looks once it’s done. (The yarn is Elle’s Charity Double Knit in Snomoon, by the way, and the needles are 4mm circulars with an 80cm cord.)

If you missed the newsletter about the knitted charms, you can read it over here and the post about the magic system of the Ruon over here and here :)

I have also come across some lace knitting and designing classes over on Craftsy, which I will definitely be taking during my lunch breaks.

The significance of the Winnie the Pooh progress keeper is that it shows me the right side of the work.

Okay, fine, you’ve caught me — it’s there because it’s cute. What can I say?

Until Friday, have a great week!