The Ruon Chronicles: Knitted Charms and Ruon Nith

In which also appears an original knitting pattern for a Ruon charm*

*I take no responsibility for it not working.

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Today I give a bit of an update to the Ruon Nith that I spoke of in some of the other posts. Haven’t read them yet? Then just click on these links:

In the prologue to the first book, I describe one of the knitted Ruon guarding charms that is on Ruon Néa’s shawl as follows:

“…Néa pulled the knitted shawl from her shoulders. The shawl was the green of young leaves in spring and, as she held it in her hands for a moment, Tarion saw that the centre of the triangle’s leaf-like pattern formed a number of intertwined guarding charms. A deep green shadow flowed along the fine yarn of the knitted piece as Néa imbued the piece with more Nith.”

Now, I pictured it a bit like three of these “sprigs” that are intertwined:

Well, it’s been a few weeks, but I finally have a proper pattern to test! (The first pattern I tried to actually knit flopped a bit, so at least I found out how not to do it.) It’s a single guarding charm that is formed using yarn overs to create “holes” to form the outline of the pattern.

When looking at this graph, you can make out the sprig in the lines that the little circles form. Knitting according to this graph should technically give me quite a crisp outline of the pattern.

I’ll probably start knitting on this version of the pattern over the weekend and have something to show on Tuesday, yay! I even found some light green yarn in my stash that I can use, mwahahahaha.

However, I may also find that this iteration of the pattern is also wrong, in which case you’ll see part of a knitted piece that doesn’t look like the sprig in the picture. I’m really hoping that this won’t be the case.

You can also keep an eye on my Instagram to see how it goes! I’m carin_chronicles on there.

In other writing news

In other news, I’m still faffing about with Where the Stars Used to Sing and finishing up a few flash pieces that decided they also want to be in the book. I’ll most likely add another sketch or two as well before releasing it at the end of February.

I’m also working on a piece (which I may split into two… I’ll see) of creative non-fiction for my Medium page which I’ve really been neglecting. It also has to do with knitting, would you believe, and actually popped into my head while I was reading something completely different. Go figure. Brains are weird.

I hope to have the piece(s) ready for Medium by the end of next week, as I have quite a busy beginning to the week from Monday to Wednesday. But first — weekend!

Have a great one and stay safe and well!