The Ruon Chronicles: Worldbuilding the History, Part 3

In which features battles, ghosts, and dragons - oh my!

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In this week’s “Worldbuilding the History” post, we’re headed back in time again to the early days of the Airus, Lewjan, and Khaldun and their battles after the death of the Airus elders at the hands of Lewjan and the Khaldun.

This all takes place before the First Sundering, In the Second Age of Airtha-Eyrassa. These worldbuilding notes don’t go into detail about all of the battles, but Redfield and Achtarion are mentioned as they play a part in the next bit of history important for the Chronicles which are set in the Fourth Age: the Knowledge Stones. (I’ll tell more about the Knowledge Stones next time.)

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The Battle of Redfield

After the death of Leralia and of the elders,Eamund, rallied some of the Airus and led a counter-attack against the Khaldun. They met on the plain known as Redfield, where only stunted trees and grass grew.

This came to be known as the Battle of Redfield and was the first battle of many between the Airus and Khaldun.

Hogtan marched into this battle at Eamund’s side. The fighting was fell that day, But the Khaldun retreated after Eamund slew their captain.

To keep the Airus from following them, the Khaldun set fire to the grass and it burned so fast and hot, driven by dry wind, that the Airus narrowly escaped with their lives. This is why both sides claim to have won the first battle.

Anger burned within the Airus now as their dead were burned on the plain and could not be recovered.

The Living Ghosts of Redfield

And it was said that their spirits were unable to cross through the Veil into the immortal world for many years and that they were doomed to fight the same battle over and over again.

And for many years none dared to walk upon Redfield for fear of the ahyané-lifa, the ‘living ghosts’ and Redfield became known as Ahyané-argan — the ‘Plain of Ghosts’.

In the end it was Hogtan who begged Agrai to give the slain rest, saying that he would give his own life in return. Agrai did not take his life, but all the spirits did pass into the immortal world thereafter.

The last battle before the First Sundering took place, was the Battle of Achtarion, and this was also the bloodiest battle of all.

The Battle of Achtarion

Hogtan again fought at Eamund’s side and, when Eamund was wounded, carried him from the fray and, begged him to follow what was left of his family. He bound Eamund’s wound and, after he watched Eamund lead the last of those fleeing into the hills, he did not follow, but returned to the fight. There he was cut down by one of Lewjan’s captains.

When the people learned of his death a great elegy was made and sung for he was greatly loved even though he had once been Khaldun.

Lewjan’s Ash Creatures

It was during the Battle of Achtarion that Lewjan’s ash creatures were first used. These dragon-like beings were created from a mixture of the blood of deserters and the ashes of the city of Achtarion.

Dumb and fumbling, the creatures were bound to some of the Khaldun and could wreak havoc on their surroundings as they burned everything that they touched to ash. If the Khaldun to whom they were bound, however, was killed, they would also cease to exist. They would also “die” if they moved too far from their Khaldun.

The ash creatures were also the first time that Lewjan and the Khaldun made use of so-called blood-nith or blood magic. The ash creatures are called “lifahtso” or “living ash” by those who survive the battle.

It was after this fell battle that the Airus begged of Agrai, the Creator, to cast Lewjan and the Khaldun into the ocean. This cataclysm was to be the First Sundering.


Another Map!

This map shows the lands that were lost during the First and Second Sunderings.

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