The Ruon Chronicles: Worldbuilding the History Part 1

The Airus and Nasjand

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Today I’m sharing part of the early history of Airtha-Eyrassa (the world in which The Ruon Chronicles take place) that has a later impact on the Chronicles. In the coming weeks I’ll share some more of the history and how it sets the scene for Book 1.

The Airus and Nasjand

After the creation of Airtha-Eyrassa, Agrai - the One - created the Airus to dwell in the world.

One of the Airus, however, wasn’t content to just dwell in the world, but wanted to create the world in his own image and have all the lands under his dominion.

When he could not do this, he flew into a rage, cursing Agrai and the whole creation.

Distraught, he told the other Airus that they had no free will of their own if they could not have the world formed as they wanted it. He called them slaves and pawns of the Creator and said that if they wanted to cast off their chains that they must follow him and the new home that he would create for them.

Many of the Airus did follow him then, calling him by the new name he’d given himself - Nasjand; which means “saviour”. They left the towers and gardens where they had dwelled and crossed the Rhager Mountains to build for themselves new homes from the red rock.

This event ended the First Age - the Age of Twilight - and started the Second Age of Airtha-Eyrassa. It was called the Age of Morning, for the Airus who had stayed loyal to Agrai still had hope of their brethren returning to them and that they would unite again.

It was only eleven years later that the separate groups of Airus would meet again. During this time, Nasjand’s anger festered in him and, when he met his brother - Sifa - again, it had disastrous consequences.

To be continued…