The Stars Are Still Singing… An Update of Sorts

Or, it’s going to be a weekend of writing, editing and art-ing

Hello again Dear Reader,

I hope you are doing well!

I have to say that I’m looking forward to this weekend’s work on Where the Stars Used to Sing - although I think the final formatting will only happen next week. It’s really been fun to write these stories and make the sketches.

That said, there are still quite a bit of work left before I can release it. Mostly because I want to add some extra stories… and not all of them are finished yet. Oops. One of them, however, “The Tower of Glass and Sand and Wind”, is kind of a retelling of a flash piece I did a few years ago. I think it was for Cracked Flash Fiction, but I may be mistaken.

Anyway, the stories that will still be added to the collection, are:

  • Dandelion Clocks

  • Shadows on the Grass

  • The Water’s Gate

  • The Tower of Glass and Sand and Wind

  • The Water Bride

  • The Tree House on the Moon

“Dandelion Clocks” needs just a little polish still before I type it up, and I decided (finally) that “Shadows on the Grass” will take place at a type of late 1800s - early 1900s asylum rather than a modern clinic. I don’t know, putting it in a completely modern setting just didn’t quite work. So that will need a rewrite at least in part.

“The Tree House on the Moon” was one of those ideas that jumped into my brain while I was working on something completely different - a sock knitting tutorial to be exact. Well, I made a quick sketch in Evernote (as it was already open) just to remind myself what the sketch for it needs to look like, but I haven’t drawn it properly yet, so that will also need to happen this weekend.

The tree house story is the last one that I’ve decided to add, otherwise I think I’ll just keep on adding and adding stories for the rest of the year! So, who knows, maybe there will be a volume two some time in the future as well.

I leave you with a lovely song, sung by Celtic Woman, that also helped me to brainstorm some of the stories for Where the Stars Used to Sing. Enjoy!

Until Tuesday, stay safe and well!