To Swim Among the Stars

Here's a short piece that will also appear in "Where the Stars Used to Sing"

Hi again!

Wow! It seems that not even as strange a year as this can keep the final few months of the year speeding by in a flurry of deadlines! It hasn’t been all work and no play, though. Plus, I’ve had time to work on Where the Stars Used to Sing – which is especially a good thing since I still want to release it mid-December.

The story that I wrote for last week’s Flash Friday competition is one where I was playing around with an idea that I’ve had for a while and just needed the right prompt to bend it into a shape that I could work with.

This is a slightly different version of the (very) short one that I wrote last week. I actually prefer this one as it has a more hopeful ending – but I won’t spoil it more than that! I am going to rewrite it slightly for Where the Stars Used to Sing, though. But you’ll have to wait for the book to read that one, mwahahaha!

Among the Stars Once More

“They were born in the hearts of stars.” The woman looked up at the enormous skeleton of the whale-like creature suspended from the ceiling of the museum. “This specimen was caught not far from New Earth 2. It is – was – a juvenile specimen.”
Chris stared up at it, his mouth half-open. “My word, but that’s big!”
“Majestic, rather,” the woman said, eyebrows lifted. “To say it’s ‘big’ is an understatement.”
“Why did you catch it? Cage it up here?” Chris asked. A few of the people sniggered.
“You can’t cage up a skeleton. We need to study all the new fauna and flora that we can.” Her tone implied that he’s an idiot for asking. “Moving on now to the hall of…” her voice trailed off as the group of visitors followed the guide into the left wing of the museum.

The whale stared up at the dark sky from where it hung, a ghost of its former self. Leaving the bleached bones behind, it closed its eyes, soared away from the museum, and swam among the stars once more.


I’ll have some more writing news over the weekend, as well as some more of the art for Where the Stars Used to Sing!

Until then, keep well!