Worldbuilding The Ruon Chronicles: The Farlands War Part 1

Or, What happens before the series starts

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This week I’m bringing you some Worldbuilding notes on The Ruon Chronicles, specifically the Farlands War. As the name implies, it takes place among the countries in the Farlands of Airthai-Eyrassa, specifically Ekron, Sjahra, and Darland. Khallahna does show up, but more in a don’t-attack-us-please kind of way.

Some of the names in the piece are taken from the language that I’m creating for Chronicles. So, for instance, the place name Ahnané (Ahna + néa) literally translates as “Star-person” and was named after one of the early rulers of the (then) city state. Plus it sounds pretty :)

Other names, like Dimholt, with “holt” meaning forest in this case, is quite self-explanatory.

Notes on the Farlands War

And then it came to be that Edrosjar, eldest son of the king, took the throne of Ekron in the Farlands. And he gazed at the kingdoms surrounding Ekron and he coveted their riches and lands, and, because he wished for his kingdom to stretch to the sea, went to war against Sjahra.

In the meantime, Khallahna readied men on their border, expecting another attack to be aimed at them. Darland in the south stood with their ally, Sjahra, and fought off the soldiers of Ekron. The soldiers who managed to return to the king were sent away by Edrosjar immediately to try and retake what land they had lost at the border. This was a suicide mission and the people of Ekron began to turn against Edrosjar and his harsh rule.

Sjahra, in their defense against Edrosjar's men, drove the fighters onto the plains and scattered them as they tried to flee to the cover of Sahfaedahol Forest. However, some of the men rallied once more around their captain, but all except the captain was cut down on the border of the Forest. Those living close to the forest took to calling it Dimholt after that.

The captain, Ashyr, was taken prisoner and marched to the closest city – that of Ahnané – where a shrine stood that honoured the Airus Leralia.

Next time: Ashyr in Ahnané…

In Other Writing News – A Radio Drama

In other news, I’ve started writing a radio drama for a local competition. The competition is an Afrikaans one, however, so I won’t be able to share too much on Phantasms about it. But, if you can understand Afrikaans, you’ll find out more about it and how it’s going when you read and/or sign up for Hersenskimme (at the top of the page).

Thus far I can confirm that it takes place in a hospital and that I’m planning to scare myself writing it – hopefully then also scaring the listener as well. Mwahahaha!

The idea for the drama came about while planning Porselein (another Afrikaans work), but I ended up never going beyond the initial planning of it. Well, I have about six weeks to finish the drama (thank goodness we can email it this time around otherwise I would have had to courier it to have any hope of it reaching their offices!), so I’d better get a move on as it needs to be about 40 minutes long. My fingers are itching to work on it… during the day…

The absolutely wonderful thing about the competition is that the winning dramas are actually produced with a full cast, etc. and played on the radio next year. So, yeah, here’s hoping!

Today’s music – “Kin” by Radical Face – should give a bit more of an idea of what I’m planning for the radio drama…

Until next time, stay safe!