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Of Sample Books, Commonplace Books, Illicit Dealings, and More

Hello again, Fellow Adventurer!

I hope that you’re still doing well?

I’ve been very busy with work writing and radio drama writing and recovering from a number of very nasty headaches and one <insert a number of curse words I don’t want to publish in the newsletter> migraine. Curse you, change of season!

Anyway… I really enjoyed building the world of the drama and writing in this new and challenging format. I think (and hope) it’s helping a lot with writing dialog in general!

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The Sample Books and Notebooks of the Ruon

In this week’s newsletter I’m writing about the Ruon’s notebooks and sample books. These are used to keep record of the different charms (designs) that are used by the different Ruon – as well as any new charms that are developed.

Sample Books

Okay, so, what is a sample book, you may be asking. It’s like a pattern book, but instead of having the patterns written down parts of the pattern is worked in crochet, lace, etc. and then pinned to or sewn to the (often) fabric pages of the book.

This is an easy way of collecting and sharing patterns without having to know how to read, say, crochet patterns or graphs or a craft’s graphs hasn’t been standardised to some extent.

For example, I’m able to make Japanese or Russian crochet patterns when they’re given in graph form as crochet stitch graphs have been mostly standardised (yay!).

Some Examples of Sample Books from Piecework Magazine

The Ruon’s Sample Books

The Ruon’s sample books are made from fabric – during their schooling this fabric will be off-cuts or re-used from pieces of clothing that have been outgrown or become worn out.

During their final year of schooling a more formal sample book is made that documents all the charms that they have learned and includes those that they need to master for their final exam. This includes the charms that are worked for the Ruon’s hiding cloaks. (More on the final exam in another newsletter.)

After the final exam more sample books may be made as needed to teach others or to replace ones that are worn out with time.

It’s very important to note that the charms in the sample books do not contain any Nith and is therefore in an inactive state and is much the same as any other decorative embroidery.


The Ruon’s notebooks, much like that of the Seekers of Knowledge and Stone Readers are a mixture of a personal diary and a commonplace book.

The notebooks were usually kept private – though sometimes passed to a good friend, family member (who was also a Ruon) or to their Sanctuary’s library after their death – and contained bits and pieces of research, observations, general notes, etc.

Some also contained samples of charms, stitched or pinned to the paper like the creator of this tatting sampler had done.

The Unlawful Trade of Sample Books and Ruon Charms

As you can imagine, there is also some trade in fake Ruon charms, of which some are copied from sample books which have been carelessly disposed of once they’ve become worn out, or that has been stolen.

These charms are useless and more often than not sold to unsuspecting but desperate people looking for healing charms of some kind.

Therefore, it’s not that a whole book is traded, for example, but the book would be copied or dismantled and the charms cut out of it in order to sell them separately.

These should not be confused with the charms of the Nithin (of whom I’ll write more in a future newsletter, but they’re some of the Vidolf – i.e. Ruon turned to the Shadow – who live in Agravér). The Nithin use a number of charms all their own and which can be called a different charm language altogether as it differs even from the non-Nithin Vidolf and is sometimes traded as a type of “dark magic” in the lands surrounding Agravér. Dun dun DUN!

Here’s a map of Airtha-Eyrassa showing where Agravér is located:

In the next couple of newsletters, I’ll be looking at:

  • The Nithin and Vidolf: Ruon turned to the Shadow

  • The dragons and ash creatures of Airtha-Eyrassa

  • The Tellerassar: the Shapeshifters

  • Ailala’s Daughters: the Water Women

In Other Ruon Chronicles Writing News

In other news, I’ve decided to “rework” some of the worldbuilding articles (that I’ve written for myself) into short stories which I will be posting exclusively in the newsletter.

These stories will give a feel of the world as well as tell of happenings before The Ruon Chronicles really kicks off in book 1 (which is still titled Charms of Life and Death, at least for the time being). This will also give me a chance to deepen my understanding of some key characters and happenings without simply doing worldbuilding articles or keeping all the stories to myself.

I will, however, still be posting non-Ruon Chronicles-related fiction every now and then as ideas have a tendency to just keep popping into my head. Plot bunnies indeed!

In Other Ruon Chronicles News

I am also working on the charms of the Ruon, but most will probably be posted first as a drawing before being actually embroidered. Simply because drawing is quicker.

I’m still working on how the charms will work in crochet, etc. so that will also feature in the future, with samples in the crafts that I can actually do besides embroidery (knitting and crochet).

Keep an eye out on my Instagram account for the works in progress of these as well!

Until next time, keep well!