Writing Wednesday – Worldbuilding a Magic System (Part 1)

A look at the Magic System of the world in The Ruon Chronicles

In the world of Airtha-Eyrassa (the world in which The Ruon Chronicles takes place), magic and magical abilities are called Talent or Nith.

The nith is further split into four distinct branches, namely Nith, Nithrus, Nithran, and Nith-Eyr.

The Four Branches of Nith

Nith/Ruon Nith

Also called “Ruon nith”, “nith” usually refers to the Talent of the Ruon and their charms that are made using different textile arts. This includes nith used in healing, guarding and creating armour. Part of this nith, however, is also the making of the Tellerassar’s (human-eagle shapeshifters) clothing and the making of the priceless tapestries of which the artwork move.

The Ruon Nith can further be split into other branches according to the type of craft with which the charms are made. This is usually only used among the Keepers of Airtha-Eyrassa and the Ruon themselves.

While some of the Ruon are Talented in one or two aspects of the nith, others may be able to make various kinds of charms, etc. It is quite seldom that a Ruon is able to create charms of healing, guarding, and armour by themselves.


“Nith of the Airus” refers to the Talent innate in the Airus. This includes being able to read the Knowledge Stones. While most of the Airus are able to read the Knowledge Stones if they are trained, there are also those who are Airahna (or have Airus and mortal blood) who are able to read the Knowledge Stones. The Airahna must also be trained to be able to read the Stones.


This type of nith is only found in the Tellerassar and Water Women and is, like Nithrus to the Airus, innate in them.


Nith-Eyr, or “Nith of the Veil”, refers to the Talent which the Airus and Khalne (the immortal or near-immortal races of Airtha-Eyrassa) possess and which they use to “walk the Veil”. Only the Airus and the Khalne have this ability. Even if you are a powerful Airahna, you would not be able to walk the Veil (the border between the mortal and immortal worlds).


I’ve decided to use the Writing Wednesday posts for The Ruon Chronicles and the Sunday Fiction posts for flash and other short fiction - and I can’t wait to share Sunday’s story. It may just become one of my favourite ones in Where the Stars Used to Sing!

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