Welcome to my worlds!

I’m a copy and content writer and translator by day and my free time (okay, basically all my other time) is spent writing fantasy, other genre fiction (like scifi), and creative non-fiction.

Sir Tristan the Wonder Cat is my writing buddy, along with his budgie friends, Frodo and Sam.

I’m currently busy with an epic fantasy series, The Ruon Chronicles, as well as a flash fiction collection, Where the Stars Used to Sing.

What will I be able to read in the newsletter?

First of all, you’ll be able to read many of the stories as they unfold — this means early drafts, background, and even maps drawn by yours truly.

I will also share inspiration behind the stories I write, give you exclusive stories that won’t appear on my blog, and basically give you the scoop on all my fiction and creative non-fiction writing.

Let’s face it; Sir Tristan, Frodo, and Sam will probably also feature.

What kind of fantasy do you write?

My fantasy — though often bittersweet — can be described as Noble Bright, as opposed to Grim Dark. (Think more Lord of the Rings and less Game of Thrones.)

While there is some violence involved, it’s not gratuitous and definitely not described in all its gory detail. Magic is involved in many of the short stories and definitely in the epic fantasy. But, again, I do have a line between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”. It’s a bit of a squiggly line sometimes, but a line nonetheless.

I like to have a battle between good an evil, basically, what can I say?

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