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The Phantasms & Shadow Images newsletter is a collection of my original genre (mostly fantasy) flash fiction, fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, Stuff I Find Interesting, and story fodder. 

You’ll also be able to read many of the stories as they unfold — this means early drafts, background, and even artwork drawn by yours truly. Basically, you’ll get the scoop on my fiction and creative nonfiction.

My main fantasy project at the moment is The Ruon Chronicles, which is epic fantasy and I share spoiler-free worldbuilding, early drafts, maps, and more in the newsletters.

The Ruon Chronicles

When most of the senior Ruon of Holt Haliern are killed, it’s up to the new generation of Ruon to take their place in fighting the rising darkness in Airtha-Eyrassa. The best of these Ruon are Selena, Reisa, Talkhan, and Nuaru. But each of these Ruon have their own demons to overcome before they can take their place as defenders of the Light in Airtha-Eyrassa. Their choices can renew the world – or lead to its ending.

Okay, but what on earth is “Hersenskimme and skadubeelde”?

Hersenskimme is the home of my Afrikaans fiction – and you need to sign up separately to receive those. It covers flash fiction and the work I’m doing on the Afrikaans fantasy novel Porselein

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