Also, Tattoos and some ramblings about the Dragon Bane plant
Or, some scribblings about all that I’ve been up to
The story of Ailala’s Daughters and a new Ruon charm IRL
As well as some writing updates
As well as some shelfies and music
Or, humans turning into eagles (because it’s cool)
Some micro fiction for spring, worldbuilding the Nithin of Agravér, and an excerpt from a draft of a Ruon Chronicles novella.
Of Sample Books, Commonplace Books, Illicit Dealings, and More
Or, worldbuilding a school system for learning magic in Airtha-Eyrassa
Or, How the Farlands War and the Prologue of The Ruon Chronicles are Connected
Or, What happens before the series starts
Or, I definitely need more practice with making lace knitting charts!