Worldbuilding The Ruon Chronicles: The Farlands War Part 2 – Ashyr in Ahnané

Or, How the Farlands War and the Prologue of The Ruon Chronicles are Connected

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So, without further ado, here’s the worldbuilding notes for what happened after the Farlands War and after Ashyr was captured and taken to the city of Ahnané.

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After the Farlands War

Once Ashyr was brought into the city of Ahnané, he was taken before the shrine of Leralia where the city's ruler was waiting for him.

Ashyr had been dealt many wounds and could barely remain standing in front of the ruler. He said nothing as the ruler spoke to him. The ruler fell silent then, and stared for a long while at Ashyr.

"All your brothers in arms have been killed," he said and Ashyr nodded, fighting back the tears that threatened to overwhelm him. "Then you, Captain Ashyr, will be kept alive as your first punishment."

The crowd who had gathered there shouted in protest as he was led away to one of the healing rooms to have his wounds tended to.

Ashyr was brought to one of the Ruon healers, Niranja, who was tasked to look after him.

Dark thoughts and dreams was his constant companion during his time of healing, and even Niranja's Ruon charms could do little to lift the darkness. Yet, as time passed and he slowly healed from his physical wounds, Ashyr fell in love with Niranja; though he said nothing to her about his feelings for a long time.

It was also during this time that Ashyr spoke to the city's lord and begged not to be sent back to Ekron, further swearing fealty to him and the people of Ahnané.

"I will give up my life before something should happen to you," Ashyr swore, now kneeling in front of the lord. "Your mercy has given me life and the hope of a new life."

The lord wondered at Ashyr's words, not realising that he was referring to Niranja and his secret hope to marry her one day and start his life anew.

Finally Ashyr swore never to touch any kind of weapon again unless it's to save the life of his new lord.

"So you swear to me," the city's lord said. "But you will not remain in this house any longer."

One of the Elders of Ahnané's House of Learning was present when Ashyr swore his fealty and was impressed and went to speak to Ashyr afterwards.

"Fealty is not taken lightly in Sjahra," he said. "But there is something in you that makes me want to believe that what you say can be trusted. Therefore, I will make you an offer. Come work with me in the House of Learning. We will give you the shelter you need and more. In return, I want you to tell me all you know about Ekron."

Not having another choice, Ashyr nodded and left the lord's house to go to the House of Learning.

There he learned of the Seekers of Knowledge and decided to become one himself after discovering that he was a Stone Reader. He worked long hours in the House of Learning as he deciphered the Knowledge Stones that were in Ahnané.

One of the stones that Ashyr read – and that had been read for the first time in generations as it had only recently been found by one of the Seekers of Knowledge – told of the bloodstones and how they are made. Ashyr immediately spoke to his master and together they went to the city's ruler, who gave them permission to take this important stone to Holt Haliern.

It was with a heavy heart that Ashyr left the House of Learning as he had just asked Niranja to marry him and she had said yes.

On the way to the Sanctuary of Holt Haliern, they passed through Kauko and Heimfeie; following the roads north to Kauko's border before turning south.

It was next to the Ahfara Sea, in the south of Kauko, that they were waylaid and was drawn into an ambush by Harhas and his men.

Ashyr managed to save his master's life, but not before he was slain and the knowledge stone he had been carrying was taken by Harhas.

Harhas, even though he was a follower of the Lewjan, was also a stone reader. In fact, he had once been a Knowledge Seeker.

Harhas let Ashyr's master go after brutally cutting off his right hand, which was his dominant hand. (He later made it to Holt Haliern to tell of what had happened.)

Harhas read the stone and, laughing, bled Ashyr to form bloodstones from his blood and a dark magic that night still.

When the Sanctuary of Holt Haliern learned of this, Keepers were sent to find Harhas in order to capture him and the stone that he carried and to bring the stone back to Holt Haliern. Harhas was to be locked in the old prison tower which had been built on an island in Shadowmere in the Great Forest.

Harhas was found, but the Knowledge Stone had been lost to the Keepers as it had been taken away by one of Harhas' followers.

This is then where the prologue to book 1 of The Ruon Chronicles begins.

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